Thursday, 17 November 2016

Biltong USA – The talk of the town

There is no doubt that food is an essential part of our lives. But not all kinds of food tend to be nutrient-rich. Sometimes taste remains on high part but nutrient value goes down and vice versa. There is a magical food available that is known to be a perfect mix of taste and health South African Beef Jerky. It is typically a dried meat stored in favorable conditions. Preparing it is a time-consuming process and travelers used to carry it on long voyages. Different people use different ways of preparation. 

Nowadays, biltong has become the most sought after snacking option among people of all kinds. It comes in different varieties in terms of meat type such as chicken, ostrich or game but the most commonly used meat is beef. 

Whats the major difference between biltong USA and beef jerky? While they are very much similar in that they are spiced, dried meats, the taste and preparation processes vary. Jerky is typically weathered and smoked, lending it a dry, salty and smoky taste. On the other hand, Biltong is cured with salt, vinegar and other spices, and hung to air dry. The outcome is a heavier and flavor rich meat, with taste variations that are both sweet and salty.  

Due to its nutrient-rich contents and easy storage, Biltong has become a favorite snack option that can be enjoyed with a range of items. This delicacy has been winning hearts all across the world in its own way and it has millions of followers.

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