Thursday, 21 June 2018

Biltong-Parmesan Burgers: How To Prepare The Taste-Bomb

If you are a true foodie, most of your time would be spent on searching for the newest delicacies which could satisfy your taste buds.

And you would have already heard about the South African dried meat recipes- the biltong and jerky.
Generally, people order biltong and beef jerky in wholesale as these are second to none in terms of their taste.

And here we have brought for you a method to enhance the taste of traditional biltong with a bit of your efforts. You can prepare the delicious parmesan-biltong burger which is similar to an atom bomb of taste.

Here is the easy preparation method for the lip-smacking delicacy:


  • Biltong (chopped to pieces)- 30g
  • Minced beef- 200g
  • Seeded Buns- 2 Nos.
  • Parmesan Cheese- 30g, finely grated
  • Mayonnaise- 3 tablespoon
  • Mustard- 2 teaspoon
  • Tomatoes- thinly sliced for toppings
  • Beetroot- shredded for toppings
  • Watercress- For topping
  • Salt and black pepper- as per your taste

Preparation Method:

  • Roll the minced beef and divide it in 2. Offer it the shape of a round pattyand heat in on a hot pan. Sprinkle salt and pepper and turn them brown on each side.
  • Mix the grated parmesan and biltong and keep them aside. Transfer the cooked patties to the grill and sprinkle the biltong-parmesan mixture generously. Let it be grilled for about 5 minutes.
  • Toss the seeded buns on the pan for about a minute. If you want them rich, add a teaspoon of butter to the pan.
  • Mix the mayo and mustard together. For more spiciness, you can add a pinch of cayenne pepper. Take a bun and spread this mixture on it.
  • Put the grilled patty on top and garnish it with sliced tomatoes, shredded beetroot,and watercress.
  • Sprinkle some more biltong-parmesan mixture above this if you want. Do this with the other bun too.

And here it is. The scrumptious, appetizing savory dish that is enough to arouse interest and hunger of almost any person.

Simple beef burgers are good, but the ones that contain the added flavors or biltong or jerky etc. are simply out of the world.

So if you do not have the dried meat products at home, you can order biltong and beef jerky online and prepare the recipe at home in the least of hassles.

It takes very less time to get prepared but offers a kind of taste which would better be a memorable experience.

How To Prepare Delicious Droewors At Home

If you talk about the traditional South African delicacies, the most popular dried meat ones would almost always occupy a prominent spot on your list.

The traditional South African biltong and Droewors etc. are the products which have now lured the people from almost all over the world and have taken many new incarnations.

Here, we would inform you a very simple method to prepare Droewors which would be extremely healthy too.

The Ingredients For Preparation:

  • The major ingredient is minced lean beef- about 3 kg. Do not get fatty meat which spoils the taste. Also, ensure getting beef or lamb onlyas other meats might get greasy.
  • Additional Fat- about 300 grams
  • Droewors casings
  • Spices of your choice- coriander, black pepper, nutmeg, and cloves etc.
  • Salt- as per your taste

The Preparation Method:

  • Mix the minced meat and the fat in a container. The less is the amount of fat, leaner would be your Droewors. But if the fat is very less, the delicacies may come out dry. Be very careful!
  • Add spices to the mixture, mixing it very carefully with your hands. Transfer the meat to the refrigerator for about 3 hours and let the spices sink in the meat.
  • After the stipulated time, take the container out and mix the spices again.
  • Fill the casings with the minced meat mixture, ensuring no air entrance in the same. You can use plastic casings or sheep casings which are easily available.
  • Allow the packed mixture to dry at a temperature of 30oC with UV light on for about 24 hours.
  • After this, hang the Droewors on a metal or plastic hook and allow them to dry. Avoid hanging them on wooden pegs.
  • The meat should be allowed to dry for about 5 days, after which it is ready to be consumed.

And this is how you can prepare the delicious Droewors at home in the least of hassles.
Similarly, the dried beef biltong and jerky too could be easily prepared at home with the help of biltong dryers which are easily available.

Droewors are highly delicious and a perfect snack for any time of the day. They could be consumed by people of almost any age and provide lots of nutritional benefits too.

Note: The additional fat which you use to prepare Droewors should be used in a measured quantity. Any more or less is the amount and your Droewors would not be as flavorful as you desire. .

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Did You Know These Factors Which Spoil Your Beef Jerky?

Take them as much as you want at a time, but you can never have them enough to satisfy your heart.
Such is the magic of the dried meat delicacies African biltong and jerky which have now reached to almost all parts of the world

In fact, the true love for these lip-smacking meaty delights could be deciphered from the fact that people buy beef jerky in wholesale quantity, and keep them securely to satisfy their taste craving, whenever they want.

But here’s a thing that troubles them. Jerky and biltong are still one of the meat products which can go from good to worst in the span of just a few hours.
When not handled and stored properly, your delicious beef jerky is attacked by microbes, who turn the meat rancid and absolutely unfit for consumption.
Here are some of the major factors which decrease the shelf life of your beef biltong and jerky: 

We know that heating a product could kill its germs and offer it a better age; right? Well, not in the case of beef jerky and biltong.

First of all, if you prepare them at home, allow them to cool sufficiently before transferring them to a container. Secondly, if you buy it from some stores, do not store it in warm temperature. Seal it in airtight bags and containers, which should be stored in a cool environment.

Direct sunlight is always a deadly foe to almost all kinds of meats and jerky is no exception. Storing your jerky in direct sunlight, even in a very secure container, is highly dangerous for them. 

Sunlight penetrates almost any kind of plastic or glass containers and speeds up the oxidation process. Due to this, the jerky turns tougher and darker.

Temperature Changes:
Even the changes in temperature could hurt the shelf life of your jerky. The products which are sealed in thefactory may already contain a bit of moisture.

When you buy this and keep it in a cool place, the moisture may turn to water and promote the growth of yeasts and bacteria etc., spoiling the meat. Therefore, if you suspect the presence of moisture, dry the meat well before transferring it to a cool place.

Improper Handling:
If suppose your pack of jerky is not handled properly and it gets punctured at a place, the meat becomes susceptible to be attacked by environmental conditions.

Needless to mention, this would always lead to the degradation of biltong and jerky, making them unfavorable to be consumed.

Therefore, while you buy a large amount of beef biltong and jerky, do not forget to prevent them from all these factors and make proper arrangements to keep them safe.

The taste which you desire and deserve is always reliant on the way you keep these meaty delights.

7 Incredible Beef Jerky Flavors That Would Set You Drooling

The gorgeous appearance, immaculate smell, superlative texture and absolutely magnificent taste of biltong and jerky are some very critical factors- fit to turn these dried meat recipes one of the best-sellers

No wonder, the wholesale beef jerky manufacturers and taste-blenders are up with the responsibility of coming up with newer tastes of these products.

And they had not let us down. Your favorite biltong and jerky occur in lots of natural tastes which you dare not miss tasting. 

Here is a list of some of the most preferred tastes of beef jerky which you must try at least once:

  • Original Jerky: No doubt you love all those flavors, but nothing beats the most original and authentic tastes of the meaty delight. This slow dried, flavored and chewy, savory snack is probably a topper in the list of any kinds of dry meat delicacies.
  • Garlic Jerky: Any garlic lovers out there? Your wish of a perfect biltong and jerky piece in your favorite flavor is waiting for you to taste. The goody garlic taste is also enriched with the benefits that the product offers your body.
  • Smoky Jerky:If you always love your meat cooked slowly amidst the smoke, here is what you want. The slow-cooked, savory treat is one of the best jerky flavors you can obtain and this is rich and chewy too to satisfy every bit of your taste cravings.
  • Jerky Steak: This is certainly a new flavor but already a hit one. For those who drool by the mere name of their favorite steakhouse, the flavors of jerky have now combined with the same, and bore a considerably new and interesting flavor. Try this jerky steak and you will certainly love it.
  • Barbeque Jerky: You know what, you can prepare this absolutely amazing and lip-smacking flavor of beef jerky at home and in a very convenient manner. The goodness of jerky combined with flavors in a BBQ- you can yourself imagine their effect of taste on your taste palate.
  • Chili Bites: With a perfect blend of spices such as pepper (red and black), turmeric, paprika, chili,and coriander etc. this flavor of biltong is already high in demand. So if you did not taste this yet, time to locate some nearby store or order this absolutely mind-boggling product online.
  • Bayou Jerky: The wonderful blend of New Orleans cuisine and your favorite jerky has produced yet another tasty wonder. The Bayou jerky is already placed in the stores and all you need to do is shop for these and pop them in your mouth for the world of taste. 
So these are some of the new flavors of biltong and jerky that you surely need to taste if you call yourself a true jerky fan. And remember! Buy only the natural grass fed biltong and jerky from a reliable store only for the best results.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

10 Important Reasons To Order Your Biltong from Bull and Cleaver

People have always been hunting stores to get their favorite delicacy- the South African biltong. However, seldom have they got the products that are absolutely natural in their form with no artificial additives etc.

Are you too searching for the best quality beef biltong at affordable prices?

Visit ‘Bull and Cleaver’. This is one of the leading online stores to get the best dried meat products such as traditional biltong, beef jerky, biltong chili bites, peri peri biltong and grass fed biltong online.

Besides, here are some other reasons why you should order your biltong online from Bull and Cleaver:

  • The biltong and the other related products are cured and dried naturally. These are never heated or cooked in any form and thus they ensure the most natural tastes.
  • The biltong has a high level of proteins. Get approx. 16 grams of protein per ounce consumption of the product.
  • The biltong is prepared from only the lean portions of meat. Due to this, expect to get only 1 gram of fat per ounce of the meat.
  • It has extremely low levels of sugar, which is less than 1 gram per ounce.
  • It has absolutely no addition of Monosodium Glutamate or MSG, the artificial flavoring agent that most of the greedy manufacturers add to increase the taste and sales of a product.
  • The biltong does not have any amount of Sodium Nitrate.
  • It is devoid of any kind of artificial flavors, coloring materials, additives, adulterants,and preservatives etc. in order to offer it a better appearance or taste. It is simple and all-natural in form and meets you exactly.
  • The biltong is absolutely free of any gluten, which is yet another artificial element to increase the taste of biltong.
  • The biltong is delivered in a safe and secure packaging and you receive it in an absolutely fresh form.

  • The biltong is suitable for people of almost any age. You could offer it to your children and it even suits the aged ones. Also, you could offer a bit of it to your pets too in the form of a treat.

Thus, the natural biltong from ‘Bull and Cleaver’ is the best choice to obtain, if you wish to get the most natural tasting products, devoid of any chemicals or harmful elements.

It never contributes to increase the weight of your body with fats, but is a good storehouse of proteins, amino acids and omega fatty acids which are essential for the effective functioning of the human body. 

Order your pack of beef biltong from ‘Bull and Cleaver’ today to experience the best of South African taste and flavors in the USA.