Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Why South African beef jerky has become so much popular?

Snacks are always the most in demand food items that intend to satiate the hunger pangs of people of all ages. Whether you’re on your way to home or for a day’s outing, snacks should always accompany you to give your necessary energy required for various things. But do you think the available snack options are rich in nutrients? Obviously no! What if you get a wonderful snack option which is full of taste and health? Yes, that fabulous snack option is right here and popularly known as South African Beef Jerky

Over the past few years, the demand for dried meat has increased to such heights that it now dwarfs that of other once equivalent snacks. A recent report by market research firm Euro monitor establish that jerky outpaces seeds, party mixes, and pita chips—combined. Another recent survey done by Nielsen found that one in ten people in this country say they eat snacks in place of meals, a number which the research company expects will increase.

Beef jerky, which is rich in protein contents, low in calories, extremely portable, and can last for a long time, has helped impressively from its ability to double as both a tasty and healthy snack. According to Euro monitor, “A recent trend among consumers of viewing protein as an effective appetite suppressant and energy booster has further helped jerky to be perceived as a smart snacking option." 

And in today’s digital landscape, buying even wholesale beef jerky is not big deal. There are various stores available on web that delivers quality food at the most reasonable rates.

Biltong USA – A treasure house of rich health

Biltong is a form of dried, meat that is known to be originated in South Africa. A large number of people worldwide consume Biltong as a wonderful snack option over other junk foods. It is found to be rich in nutrients like protein and low on fat and this is the reason why it is so much popular. Due to its dry nature, it can be stored for longer periods of time. 

In other words, biltong means strips of meat from the animal’s rump which is spiced, cured and dried. Biltong was developed as a way of conserving meat so that there would be meat available during the lean hunting season (many African tribes still choose a version of biltong in this context), as well as to provide a non-perishable source of meat to early pioneers as they travelled inland.

Biltong is gourmet beef snack; protein makes up 54% of the product, extremely ideal for low carb diet, wonderful for diabetic & also perfect for high protein diet. Biltong is made in USA & it is USDA approved. It doesn't contain preservatives, sodium nitrate, artificial coloring, chemicals, & other all products have 0g sugars. It is the latest healthy alternative to chips, chocolate and cookies. It is a nutritional snack made from best ingredients in South Africa. But due to its origin, South African Biltong has no match at all. 

Over the past few years, Biltong has become tremendously popular in the food industry and an ideal snack option for people from all walks of life.