Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Why Grass Fed Beef Is Beneficial To Obtain

Do you care about what animals eat? Who cares! But if you love to eat meat, this piece of information might serve a great assistance to you.
Jerky and Biltong are two of the most scrumptious preserved meats and these have followers all over the world. The raw meat for these products is best obtained from beef or pork, depending upon what is available locally. However, the obtained beef too could vary greatly in its content, as per what is consumed by the concerned animal.

According to a study at California State University’s College of Agriculture, beef which is fed on grass contains a considerable portion of omega-3 fatty acids and linoleic acid too. This is why African biltong, that is prepared out of grass-fed beef, is a good source of proteins, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and even contains powerful cancer-fighting antioxidants. 

Do you now care for what the animals eat to give you a combination of healthy and tasty meat? You would rather offer it much more attention when you read along.

Benefits of Grass Fed Beef:
Scrumptious droewors, delightful Peri Peri biltong and appetizing jerky! Imagine the most wonderful preparations out of beef and now imagine their delight if they serve the health needs of our body too. Grass fed beef is all about this, as it has to offer many health benefits to the human body.
Some of the benefits of grass fed beef are as follows:

·       Cancer-fighting potential: Grass fed beef may contain hoards of Conjugated Linoleic Acids that are potent health donors for humans. Out of numerous studies worldwide, it has been proved that Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLAs) are efficient cancer fighters and conflict with harmful antioxidants to offer a supremely healthy body.

·       Heart Disease Reduction: CLAs are even efficient to prevent numerous heart diseases and grass fed beef is found helpful in reduction of liver fat, lowering of dietary cholesterol, supply of omega-3 acids and enhance Vitamin E content to benefit the human liver.

·       Blood Sugar Reduction: Grass fed beef is a source to healthy fats which keep the human blood-sugar regulated. This has been proved by a variety of researches and this quality of the meat is enforced by a presence of CLAs in it. Not only the adults, the younger-aged people who conflict with diabetes could also find an improvement in their blood sugar with it. 

·       Free of Artificial Hormones and Antibiotics: As per an estimate, about 80 percent of the sold antibiotics in USA are received by cows and thus you should not be surprised to find antibiotics in beef. Also, the livestock that is not fed on grass, gets a dose of hormones to increase its weight and size. However, grass-fed beef is devoid of hormones or antibiotics and is healthier to consume. 

Thus, grass fed beef benefits much its consumer against any other artificial produce. While you purchase, make sure to read the label well, if you wish to know exactly what the animal, and in turn, you are taking in to your body.  

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